Jeff Rosenstock



Genre: Rock

Style: Power Pop, Punk, Ska, Hardcore

Label: SideOneDummy Records

Review snippets taken from Scott Heisel’s review over at Consequence of Sound

While WORRY.’s A-side is anchored with hooky, pop punk goodness (“Festival Song”, “Wave Goodnight To Me”), the album’s B-side will likely be remembered for the sheer volume of songs provided. Rosenstock delivers 11 songs in 19 minutes, with the final eight all segueing into one another. Some might think of this as an Abbey Road homage, but it feels closer to Rosenstock’s attempt at Short Music For Short People than anything else — the songs quickly jump from punk (“Bang On the Door”) to ska (“Rainbow”) to hardcore (“Planet Luxury”) and back again. It can be overwhelming at first listen to have the album pinball around so quickly if you’re not expecting it, but it’s reflective of Rosenstock’s personality as a whole, and the connective tissue between each grows stronger with subsequent listens.

WORRY. is the capper on a whirlwind four years for Rosenstock as a solo musician, starting with 2012’s I Look Like Shit demos collection, continuing with 2013’s Summer EP, and breaking wide with last year’s We Cool?. At the same time, WORRY. feels like the true start of Rosenstock’s solo career, with a backing band that is finally locked in, a record label 100 percent behind him, and a tower of critical accolades growing taller each day.