Julianna Barwick



Genre: Electronic

Style: New Age, Ambient

Label: Dead Oceans

I could listen to this album on repeat for the rest of my life and be so relaxed it’s not even funny. If you need to get lost in something, sit down with some headphones in a dimly lit room and let this beautiful sounding piece of music take you away.

Review taken from the description found on the bandcamp page. (click the preview to check it out)

Julianna Barwick’s revelatory third full-length, ‘Will’, is a surprising left turn for the Brooklyn experimental artist. Conceived and self-produced over the past year in a variety of locations, the ominous, compelling ‘Will’ is a departure from 2013’s Alex Somers-produced ‘Nepenthe’. If that last record conjured images of gentle, thick fog rolling over desolate mountains, then the self-produced ‘Will’ is a late afternoon thunderstorm, a cathartic collision of sharp and soft textures that sounds looming and restorative all at once.