The Ridges


Genre: Electronic

Style: Techno, Dreampunk

Label: Dream Catalogue

Review snippets taken from the Dream Catalogue bandcamp. (click on the preview to view)

The artist, who veils his face with a mask for public performance, is a dark and pensive character and this attitude comes across in both his music and visual collaborations, such as the incredible music video for ‘Nat Sherman Arpeggiator’ which Thump premiered in late 2015. But with the depth of sound and cinematic qualities of the music found in ‘The Ridges’, you can piece together Diamondstein’s narrative purely from the music itself which is very visually suggestive in its own right – brought to life with its evolving minimalism and dark low octave sound manipulation.

Diamondstein has created a score for a cyberpunk dystopia without the bright neon lights. It is at times savage and loud and at times sparse and moody. Overall, it is a trip into a dark future and one that takes the idea of “dream music” to the next level.