Aesop Rock

The Impossible Kid


Genre: Hip Hop

Style: Rap

Label: Rhymesayers Entertainment

Aesop’s back baby! Following up 2012’s death obsessed Skelethon this 2nd release on Rhymesayers Entertainment hits the ground bumpin’. After pulling a Houdini out of SF to lock himself away for a while, Ian rode back into town on a chariot made of solid gold rhymes that runs on dope beats while holding an autobiography written in plain text. Cracking it’s spine reveals a scrap book of beautifully detailed pictures outlining various events of his life including memories of his brothers, 90s NY rap scenes and Kirby the cat. Reading the liner notes you’ll notice it’s all written in his handwriting. Aesop’s molded the rhymes on a framework of beats he’s personally constructed to complete this modern rap tome.