The Birds Outside Sang


Genre: Folk

Style: Soft Rock, Lo-Fi

Label: Double Double Whammy

Review taken from the description found on the bandcamp page. (click the preview to check it out)

The Birds Outside Sang is an album about the speed at which rain falls, life goes on, and people grow. It’s one part a personal, autobiographical, and almost completely chronological telling of a time in my life full of confusion, physical + emotional pain, loneliness, and hope. It is another part a rebirth of a musical friendship between my best friends in the whole world, and an attempt to highlight the importance of love and the things in life that give you something special to hold on to, to find a calm that can carry you through being alive and being scared.

Thank you for listening. My one and only goal is that someone can listen to this album and feel/see something, and take it with them as a thought.