Genre: Electronic

Style: IDM

Label: Timesig

Review snippet taken from HC’s review over at Headphone Commute

There are 16 short pieces on System [with a limited edition pre-order bonus CDr boasting 19 more!], covering Datachi’s staple “IDMesque” sound. The tracks have been composed on Eurorack Modular Synthesizer, and this analog aesthetic permeates through the album. Glitchy rhythms, ala Aphex Twin’s works, are sprinkled over ambient textures canvasing the landscape. Most of the compositions feature lighthearted playfulness paired with the intelligent design, triggering your mind to latch onto a melody perfectly complimenting your first cup of caffeinated beverage. I sense a slight hint of melancholy on a few tracks, but overall the album is nearly joyful in nature, showcasing intricately cut-up electro based percussion over acid bleeps and unsettling chords.