Sun Body

Sun Body


Genre: Rock

Style: Experimental, Art-Rock, Post-Punk, Post-Rock

Label: Self-released

Review snippets taken from Joshua Scarborough’s review over at Half Cat Media

Listening to this record front to back is akin to watching a force of nature in slow motion, simultaneously ferocious and serene. Songs like Murphy’s Law lulls the listener into a false of security right before tracks like Origami Swan hit with a wave of sound and fury that shifts the listener’s attention from ambient instrumentals to the harsh vocal musings of frontman Zack Borzone. While the examples of lyricism are far and few between (only two tracks on the record feature coherent vocals, not including Joy, Easily and Effortlessly, which features a solitary voice recording that plays in the background) when it is present, it hits hard and deep, communicating emotions that resonate with the listener on an intimate level. (Origami Swan/ You weren’t made to swim /So listen as the cold water gnaws your paper skin).

Sun Body’s debut is a compelling record that denotes a promising amount of potential. This band has shown itself to not be afraid of blazing new paths, and if subsequent releases burn half as brightly as the first, Sun Body has a dazzling path in front of them. Fans of shoe gaze and more experimental forms of alternative music would do well to keep an eye on the New Jersey rockers in the months to come.