Sad City

Shapes in Formation


Genre: Electronic

Style: Ambient, Drone, Experimental, Deep House

Label: Emotional Response, Meda Fury

Review taken from the description found on the bandcamp page. (click the preview to check it out)

Meda Fury and Emotional Response are delighted to come together to present Sad City’s long waited debut LP. After critically acclaimed EPs for Underwater Peoples and Phonica Special Editions, this stunning long player has been in gestation for years but arrives with perfect alacrity.

Northern Irish born, Glasgow based musician, Gary Caruth been steadily building a successful ouvere of releases from his 2011 debut Gestures EP to appearing on Emotional Response’s “Schleißen” series last Spring.

Coming together across 10 tracks but very much recorded as one listening experience, Shapes In Formation mixes his love of field recording with deep ambient soundscapes atop incessant percussive loops. The melancholic sonics bely patterned tones that transport to that place where music and the silent reality of the world merges.

Moving beyond his recent ambient explorations, side opener Rain Call points to something beyond, a swirling meld of vocal loops and rhythmic pulses that promise anew. More follows in Pace, Movements I-IV and People + Plants, taking the sonic exploration onwards, creating compositions of symphonic beauty that challenge the listener to travel on distant, tribal syncopation.

We arrive halfway in this journey with the rolling jazz of Steady Jam. A delicate balance of restrained drum fills, hissing hats and gospel vocal bliss to create a tapestry that harks to Parrish’s Sound Signature as much to Cluster and Eno. Finally, to end via the cityscape of Smoke, the dream-interlude of Water and a truly elegiacal closer in Again, the album’s story is shaped as a truly unique form(ation).