Massive Attack

Ritual Spirit


Genre: Electronic

Style: Trip Hop

Label: Virgin EMI Records

Review snippets taken from Katherine St. Asaph review over at Pitchfork

Dead Editors,” with its EKG opening, begins like a 100th Window cut, but reveals itself as something with more interesting things to say: In 2010, Marshall rejoined the group with a vow that he would “bring the black back to Massive Attack,” and the line that appears near-verbatim on “Dead Editors”; it’s also noteworthy that Ritual Spirit features entirely black collaborators and engages significantly more with rap than Heligoland. Feverish “Ritual Spirit” hangs somewhere between meditative and heatsick, Azekel’s vocal like a smoke curl; meanwhile, “Voodoo in My Blood” captures its collaborators’ best impulses: a more driven version of Young Fathers’ polyglot rock, a more dynamic version of Del Naja’s often-of-late meandering work. Massive Attack were always equally as good producers as they were curators; it’s promising that, as much of their old sound as they’ve retained, they’ve kept this as well.