She's Beautiful



Genre: Pop

Style: Experimental

Label: Self-released

I have a lot to say here, but I’ll have to come back to say it due to time restrictions. Here’s the description on the bandcamp page.

hello everyone.
i wrote this album over the last year while watching a lot of stuff change in my life. i moved away from a lot of my friends, had a resurgence in my depression and anxiety, went through the death of my grandmother, failed to get a lot of jobs, had my relationship with my family fall apart, came to appreciate the complexity of my own gender identity and identified just how much of all this bad shit was my fault (a lot of it was). i’m very different now that i was a year ago, and i’d like to believe that maybe that’s reflected in the songs here. i worked very hard on them, and it was a very difficult, but rewarding thing. i hope you really enjoy it, because i’m so glad to have made it, and to be able to share it with you.

let’s not rush to heaven