No Man Sky OST


Genre: Rock

Style: Post-Rock, Ambient

Label: Laced Records

In August game developers Hello Games released one the of the most anticipated action adventure games of the year. Unfortunately their procedurally generated endless universe wasn’t delivering all the shining stars everyone was hoping for but among them I found one star that was burning bright. 65daysofstatic are UK based post-rock veterans known for swirling frantic electronic textures into the genre. Adapting this style of music into a soundtrack for a sci-fi game so expansive you’ll never see all of it must have been a no brainer and it was probably the best decision Hello Games could have made. With over the top crescendos firing distorted bolts of glitched electronic noise through a nebula of rock, Music for an Infinite Universe delivers some of 65daysofstatic’s most atmospheric and powerful tracks to date. Don’t sleep on this one, it’s defiantly one of the best releases of 2016.