Grier Edward Carson

Mechanical States


Genre: Electronic

Style: Ambient, Electroacoustic, Experimental, Sounddesign

Label: Detroit Underground

Description taken from the Bandcamp page:

A composer and producer of a singular form of sample-based electronic music, Carson takes the idea of music as a plastic art form to new heights with works ranging from gentle drone-like examinations of individual sounds to complex micro-arrangements of multi-media sources, occasionally on a symphonic scale. His is an extremely personal music, unconcerned with systems or standards for creating and performing music. The compositions on Mechanical States are built on a small group of scantlings taken from television and radio broadcasts. Carefully processed, stretched, looped and re-looped, these micro-arrangements create a set of elementally-based materials from which the tracks themselves are constructed. The metallic, almost acicular sound characterizing much of the album reflects a concern with the aesthetic aspects of broadcast transmission and the precedent it set for infinite connectivity. Rhythmic abstractions and hints of melody are present throughout, but the guiding principle remains the exploitation of a small entrenchment of materials to produce a colossal and highly-expressive diversification. Within this music lies a fascination with the life of machines as well as the knowledge that we are collectively engaged in a series of shifting mental states that directly or indirectly respond to them.