Charles White



Genre: Rock

Style: Post-Rock, Drone

Label: M.I.S.T Records

In Lunacy, Chris White does what all Canadian post-rock artists do best. Slam their government in the most foreboding and beautiful ways. Cycling ambient soundscapes littered with the dim fires of glowing guitar notes set the tone of this tense journey through an uprising against the machine.

Snippet taken from artist profile page over at M.I.S.T Records

Charles White is a sound artist and multi-instrumentalist from Montreal, Canada. Since 2013 it has delivered a mixture of ambient, drone, noise and post rock, sometimes incorporating field recordings and several samplers of this style. In 2016, Charles released an LP happens to your previous trilogy ( “Falling Skies”). The album is called “Lunacy”, which tells the story of a night of insurrection.