Genre: Pop

Style: Indie Pop, Electronic

Label: Self-released

Review taken from Laura Kerry’s review over at THRDCOAST

After three years of this, the artwork on the band’s debut self-titled LP feels almost as essential to their identity as their sound, which fits the imagery well. The collage form is a perfect trope for an album that is stitched together from different parts—the bright indie-rock guitar, twitchy electronic percussion loops, and warm, melodic vocals—to create pop music that is both hospitable and a little weird.

Like the images, each song is naturalistic and small in its constituent parts, but taken together, those parts make up something entirely different. SALES is just two people—Orlando-based Lauren Morgan and Jordan Shih—who embrace a DIY ethic by doing everything on the album, from start to finish. This is apparent in the minimalism of the lyrics, which are short and impressionistic, and the compositions, which are made up of repeating structures of three or so voices from real instruments and software. It is masked, however, by the way those lyrics and voices fit together. I’m reminded of fellow minimalists The xx, who share some sounds and effects with SALES. Though they diverge in general tone, they excel in creating fullness in the space between different lines.