Odi Me

line cook music


Genre: Electronic

Style: Techno, Ambient, Noise, Jungle

Label: Jacktone Records

Odi Me’s second album strays slightly off the path of his freshman ambient work ~, although many of the same elements are found here. Line cook music is a beautifully crafted jungle dream that hazes the scenes. Slathered in thick, dark and distorted soundscapes and erratic scraping samples and the superb use of the amen break this is defiantly one for the jungle books. At the time I knew Josh he was working 3 separate jobs to live comfortably in Oakland, CA. He wanted to make music to work too, something to keep you going through those long doubles after a long night. Music to get through that afternoon lunch rush and still be able to prep for dinner. For your hands to dance to in their daily routine.