Genre: Electronic

Style: House, Ambient, Drum n Bass

Label: R & S Records

Review taken from the description found on the bandcamp page. (click the preview to check it out)

The resulting 9 track LP, a breakneck psychedelic journey through hardcore, jungle, ambient, clocks in at a fat-free 34 minutes –

“After making a record as mellow as ‘Reality Testing’ it was important to me to not repeat myself – I wanted it to be an intense blast”

Evident in the “punch in the face” heaviness of ‘Alpha Wheel’ and ‘Back Tail Was Heavy’ ‘Levitate’ is in many ways a spikier and more confrontational record than it’s predecessor, and all the better for it – however there are moments of familiarity, like the blissed out club bounce of ‘Vapour Trail’ (sharing DNA with perennial fan fave ‘Pineapple Crush’) and pause for breath in the hypnotic beauty of ‘Morning Birds’ and ‘Breeze Out’.

‘Levitate’ finds an inspired Cutler at his most energetic peak delivering a stunning record which feels both vital and contemporary.