Genre: Electronic

Style: Abstract, lo-fi, Footwork

Label: Lillerne Tape Club

Description taken from the album’s bandcamp page. (Check it out by clicking on the preview)

Karaoke packs so much for one to consider and reflect upon in just thirteen compact, but sonically expansive tracks. Every second of this tape is full of new rhythms and sounds—it does not stand still. Melancholy keys blend into hopped up vocal samples and wildly-paced drums with precisely chaotic abandon. There is an obvious love, obsession and care for the way in which each and every sample, noise and tape manipulation exists with one another on this tape. The final product is one of a kind and truly brilliant. Innovative tunes made by a great human being that I’m proud to call a friend and a musical inspiration. Grab this tape and play it somewhere nice. Edition of 75 pro-dubbed Type II/chrome cassettes with full-color, double sided artwork.