Gold Panda

Good Luck And Do Your Best


Genre: Electronic

Style: House, Abstract, IDM, Downtempo

Label: City Slang

Review snippets taken from David Sackllah’s review over at Consequence of Sound

Throughout the record, Gold Panda is able to strike a balance between the two different sides of his focus, pairing hyperkinetic sounds with reflective, nearly ambient music in a way that is never jarring. He adeptly juggles these styles, as a song like “Autumn Fall” exudes a downtempo sense of calm that isn’t at odds with the many moving pieces at its center — including driving percussion, echoing keys, and shimmering synth sounds. The songs throughout are busy, the producer able to snugly fit the many instruments and sounds into an overarching tapestry.

Whereas strong singles seemed to take over his last two records (Half of Where You Live‘s “Brazil” and Lucky Shiner’s “You”), no one song truly eclipses the others on his latest. There are certainly standouts — the stuttering rhythms and pitch-shifted vocals of “In My Car” make it endlessly playable — but Good Luck and Do Your Best is well sequenced in the sense that it never quite settles into a lull. Between the hazy brooding of “Pink and Green” and the sublime grooving horns of “Your Good Times Are Just Beginning”, Gold Panda crafts a compelling listen throughout.