Genre: Electronic

Style: IDM, Abstract, Experimental

Label: Warp Records

Review snippets from Andrew Rice’s review over at Resident Advisor

Autechre shake off context like water from a rain slicker. Their music has grown impenetrable, and since 2011’s Oversteps it has arrived in increasingly large lumps of obtuse sound. First came 2013 double-album Exai, which messily referenced all eras of the UK duo’s career, alternately brilliant and frustrating. Last year, they dropped a collection of hour-long live recordings with all the ceremony of someone donating a bag full of secondhand clothes.

Now there’s elseq 1-5. Less than a week after unveiling the rancorous monster “feed1,” Autechre premiered another track on an Alaskan student radio station, before quietly slipping out their new album—if “album” is even the word for it. elseq 1-5 is a five-part, four-hour-plus marathon that defies categorization as stubbornly as the music on it. No matter how it’s classified, one thing is certain: it’s among the most uncompromising, impressive and enjoyable collections released by Rob Brown and Sean Booth.