Diminshed Composition


Genre: Electronic

Style: Minimal, Drone, Ambient

Label: Scissor Tail Records

Review snippet taken from Brian review over at Stationary Travels

Listening to Willamette is like floating on a quiescent sea fed by a confluence of warm ambient drones, ephemeral textures, and soothing timbres woven from piano, strings, and voice. It is impeccable in its construction, uncompromising in its patient commitment to stillness, and awash in tender emotion and an overwhelming sense of nostalgia. The best way to experience Diminished Composition is in its wholeness from start to finish, but I found “At Length and Dead Horse”, “Four Films (Films Four)”, “End of Good Discipline”, and the title track particular affecting while “Codeine Catnap” remained unfailing in its power to mesmerize. This is melancholy and minimalism in perfect balance, exquisitely rendered.