A Moon Shaped Pool


Genre: Rock

Style: Art Rock, Indie Rock

Label: XL Recordings

After years of frantically scrambling as the paranoid android Thom, in a sense, has run outta battery life. A Moon Shaped Pool as a whole seems to be the big sigh at the end of a bad day, and after 8 full length LPs worth of bad day it’s a well needed one. Jonny’s orchestral arrangements act as a grounding human force in what otherwise would be an album made of ghosts and phantoms but they somehow live within perfect harmony while Thom’s vocals phase between realms to tell tales of reality and nightmare. A lot of the tracks from on this album are old un-released works brought to life once again in a modern Radiohead style and it’s very exciting to see what the group has done with them. True Love Waits has been one of my favorite un-released Radiohead works for a while and it’s probably the most moving and beautiful piece of work I’ve heard all year. The dancing piano seems to shift and breathe shallowly, the lyrics tug and beg at the hearts most basic human desires and the looming dark rumbling under the second half of the track forebodes the inevitable. It’s the perfect representation of what this album is all about.