Genre: Hip Hop

Style: Instrumental, Funk

Label: XL Recordings

Review snippets taken from Adam Kivels’ review over at Consequence of Sound

That said, one can only wonder what KAYTRANADA’s next album might bring if he asserted himself more formally, if rather than show off everything he could do with everybody he knew, he focused everything he could do into one direction. That could mean a vocal-less album, perhaps, though it doesn’t have to. It could also mean teaming up with a single voice, a muse who matches his same tendencies. If he were to go that route, he’d have a hard time finding a better match than Anderson .Paak. The stunning track finds Andy matching KAY step-for-step, boucning hazily through his booming bass for a jittery club jam. KAYTRANADA swipes into a jazz-infused bounce without a moment’s notice, and .Paak follows suit without missing a step, airily harmonizing with KAY’s synths over a riveting rhythm section. It’s a masterpiece, a track equally ready for club workouts and walks on a sunny morning.